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How to Activate a Laptop After Buying It

Key Takeaway Activating your laptop after buying it is important to ensure that your ...

ASUS ROG Major Updates Released for Armoury Crate SE and Microcontroller Unit on ROG Ally

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) has rolled out new updates for both its Armoury Crate SE ...
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Netflix Subscription Price in the Philippines

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented growth of subscribers to streaming ...

How to Copy-Paste Efficiently with Windows Clipboard

Are you copying and pasting very often? Well, you can enhance the experience by making ...

How to Disable/Enable Startup Apps on Windows 10/11

Isn't it annoying that some apps on your system just open on their own as soon as you ...

How to Check Your Android Phone’s Widevine Level DRM

There are two easy ways to check an Android phone's Widevine level: using the Netflix ...

How to remove background from an image using Canva?

If you're looking for a light and easy tool to remove the background of an image, Canva ...

Netflix not streaming 1080p on your Android phone? Here’s why: Widevine DRM

Streaming services such as Netflix utilize Digital Rights Management (DRM) which serves ...

Android One vs Android Go explained: What’s the difference?

From reader Jerry Culala: What's the difference between Android One and Android GO? ...

Top 10 Android or iOS apps we love the most

What are your top 10 android/iOS apps that you use or love the most? - EJ Ortiz
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