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Netflix Subscription Price in the Philippines

Recent years have witnessed an unprecedented growth of subscribers to streaming platforms globally, particularly Netflix. One such streaming platform that has successfully extended its market presence into the Philippines is Netflix; we will explore their subscription plans here and their pricing structures and features so potential subscribers can make an informed choice when signing up with them.

Plan and Pricing Information for Subscription Services

Netflix provides various subscription plans designed to fit different viewer preferences and budget constraints. As of April 2023, four primary plans are available in the Philippines:

Mobile Plan
Price: PHP 149 per month
: This plan was tailored specifically for subscribers who prefer watching content on their smartphones or tablets, providing standard definition (SD) streaming quality with support for only one device at any one time.

Basic Plan
Price: PHP 369 per month
Features: Allows subscribers to enjoy SD streaming quality on one device simultaneously – such as smartphones, tablets, laptops or smart TVs.

Standard Plan
Price: PHP 459 per month
Features: This plan offers HD streaming quality on two devices simultaneously for optimal content viewing – be they smartphones, tablets, laptops or smart TVs.

Premium Plan
Price: PHP 549 per month
Features: With Features such as UHD/4K streaming quality and simultaneous streaming on up to four devices simultaneously, the Premium Plan is perfect for families or groups of friends sharing one account to watch Netflix content across smartphones, tablets, laptops and smart TVs simultaneously. In addition, this plan comes equipped with additional features to maximize streaming performance across devices – ideal for viewing on smartphones, tablets laptops and smart TVs alike!

Additional Features

Philippine Netflix subscription plans all offer a number of features:

Netflix subscribers gain access to an expansive library of movies, TV shows, documentaries and original content created exclusively by Netflix.

Content can be downloaded for offline viewing on supported devices.

An intuitive user-interface providing personalized recommendations based on viewing habits.

Available language options, including subtitles and dubbing.

Regular content updates keep subscribers engaged and entertained.


Netflix subscription pricing in the Philippines provides options that suit a range of users with different viewing habits and budget constraints. Prospective subscribers should carefully consider their viewing preferences, streaming quality preferences and device needs before selecting their plan of choice. With a vast library of content and an engaging user-friendly interface, Netflix has quickly established itself as a leading streaming platform in the Philippines – providing engaging entertainment experiences to its subscribers.

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