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Best smartphones between Php10,000 to Php12,000

Aaron sent us an email:

I appreciate your post for top smartphones in different price points. However I’m looking for a smartphone within the budget of 10k-12k. Xiaomi really offers high quality specs for it’s price but a friend of mine said that Xiaomi smartphones easily breaks. Is it true? I’m also looking at Huawie GR5 2017. Maybe you also have some other smartphone suggestions, my budget can be extended a little more. Thank you sir and more power!

We have a list of phones in our mid-2017 round-up here.

However, since your budget is pretty loose, there are a lot of devices to consider in this price range:

Xiaomi also offers really good options for this price range but for around Php13k, the Xiaomi Mi5 is a great buy even if it’s more than year old.

Within that price spectrum, the Huawei GR5 2017 is a great choice and it’s also very affordable at Php12k.

Another good choice would be the Nokia 6 which is just under Php12,000 as well.

There are a few others to consider as well — the Asus Zenfone 3 5.2 though it’s a year old already.

Sometimes, a mid-range or flagship smartphone from a year or two ago can still be really good until now as long as it is being updated with the latest OS.

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