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Paid Reviews!? Budget GPUs, G-Sync Laptops, GearBest – Ask YugaTech 12

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Deleted Scenes with the Team – Ask YugaTech 10

Tech puns, innuendos & chickens. Some gags from the team! We've been gone for a month since it has been a very busy time, and now we're back with ...

Christmas 2016: Tablet Guide – Ask YugaTech 9!

Here are the best tablets you can buy in the Philippines for Christmas. This is the 9th Episode of Ask YugaTech. More are coming soon! Stay tuned, ...

Christmas 2016: Guide to Video Games

Here are the best games you can buy in the Philippines for Christmas. This is the 8th Episode of Ask YugaTech. More are coming soon! Stay tuned, and ...

Team YugaTech: What are the smartphones that we use?

One of our readers, Sairon Jay, asks - what are our daily drivers? I, for one, use a Samsung Galaxy S7, as it gives me a striking balance of everything ...

Christmas 2016: Tech Gifts for Php5,000, 10,000 & 15,000

Here are the best tech toys you can buy in the Philippines for Christmas, from Php5k all the way to Php15k. This is the 7th Episode of Ask YugaTech. We ...

Zenfone 3 Laser / Max, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13: Are They Worth It?

We're back for Ask YugaTech (#AskYugaTech), and in this episode, we answer your questions again! 0:25 - Is the Zenfone 3 Max / Laser worth it? 1:05 - ...

Cars for PHP 1M, PIMS 2016, Suzuki Ciaz – #AskYugaTech Episode 4

Here's our fourth episode for Ask YugaTech! 0:41 – Chevrolet 1:32 – PIMS 2016 4:32 – Cars for Php1M 7:30 – Suzuki Ciaz 12:30 – Specialized Epic Bike ...

Removable Battery vs Non-Removable Battery?

Here's a question that we received on our messages from Jerome Joaquin: the pros and cons of removable batteries! In theory, non-removable batteries ...

#AskYugaTech Episode 3 – iPhone 7 vs Galaxy Note7, Tablets vs Laptops

Here's our third episode for Ask YugaTech! Ask YugaTech is a biweekly video segment where we answer questions on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag ...

#AskYugaTech: Episode 2 – Is the Zenfone 3 Worth It? Selfie, Gaming Smartphones, Editing Laptop

Here's our second episode for Ask YugaTech! 00:14 - 2 Year Postpaid Lock-In 01:24 - Zenfone 3 03:34 - Smoothest Smartphone UI 04:57 - Selfie ...

#AskYugaTech Episode 1: Best Smartphones for Php10k, Cameras, Note7

What's the best smartphone you can buy for Php10,000? What's the best cameraphone out in the market right now? Can you compare Bravia and AMOLED? How many are ...

What’s the best smartphone I can buy for Php20,000?

We have a list here:

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