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Removable Battery vs Non-Removable Battery?

Here’s a question that we received on our messages from Jerome Joaquin: the pros and cons of removable batteries!


In theory, non-removable batteries allow for better internal engineering and a better external design. The iPhone has started this trend, and whatever it is that you might say about Apple, their internals are usually well stacked up inside that they make sure all available space is utilized efficiently (hence the controversial no headphone jack decision). The iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5 were well designed smartphones, and HTC produces these too as well, with good stereo BoomSound speakers and the all metal unibody designs, and the recent Galaxies that look really good and perform really well.

Removable batteries on the other hand should give you the ability to change batteries if they have defects, and if you have extra batteries, you can get back to 100% real quick. Smartphones with broken / dead batteries have to be sent in for repairs which is quite a hassle, and for those who carry a spare battery, this is a very useful feature to have.

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