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Full Catalog List of iPhone 13 Smart Signature Plan 2022

Get the iPhone without breaking the bank.

Here is the iPhone 13 Smart Signature Plan 2022 as of March.

Smart Signature Postpaid Plan For Apple Iphone 13

Smart Signature Postpaid Plan For Apple Iphone 13

The next generation of the Apple iPhone is just a few months away and if you plan to get one of the iPhone 13 without breaking your bank. Well, a postpaid plan is a way to go.

Listed down below are the different types of Smart Signature Postpaid Plan

iPhone 13 Smart Signature Plan 2022

SIGNATURE PLANSPlan 999Plan 1499Plan 1999Plan 2999
5GB Data10GB Data15GB Data30GB Data
50mins PLDT Landline Calls100mins PLDT Landline Calls150mins PLDT Landline Calls300mins PLDT Landline Calls

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max Smart Signature Plan 2022

If you are planning to subscribe to a new plan here is a sample computation for the iPhone 13 Mini that will cost you only a total of ₱6,150 for the Downpayment and ₱500 for the monthly payment. On top of the Plan 1,999 (Plan L+) which will give you a total of ₱8,690 for the 128GB Storage.

But do take note that all prices are subject to change without prior notice from Smart.

DeviceAccount(OTC) Over the CounterDP & GA(OTC) Over the CounterDP & GA(OTC) Over the CounterDP & GA(OTC) Over the CounterDP & GA
iPhone 13 MiniNew Line30800N/A236007500 & 700/mo176006150 & 500mo56003300 & 100/mo
iPhone 13 MiniNew Line36700N/A2950011150 & 800/mo235007400 & 700/mo115004640 & 300/mo
iPhone 13 MiniNew Line48600N/A4140013840 & 1200/mo3540012400 & 1000/mo234007340 & 700/mo
Phone 13New Line36700N/A2950011150 & 800/mo235007400 & 700mo115004640 & 300/mo
Phone 13New Line42700N/A3540012400 & 1000/mo2940011010 & 800/mo174005910 & 500/mo
Phone 13New Line54500N/A4730015110 & 1400/mo4130013710 & 1200/mo2930010910 & 800/mo
iPhone 13 ProNew Line48600N/A41400N/A3540012400 & 1000/mo2340073400 & 700/mo
iPhone 13 ProNew Line54500N/A47300N/A4130013720 & 12002930010910 & 800/mo
iPhone 13 ProNew Line66400N/A59200N/A5320016400 & 1600/mo4120013610 & 1200/mo
iPhone 13 ProNew Line78200N/A71100N/A6500021300 & 1900/mo5300016200 & 1600/mo
Phone 13 Pro MaxNew Line54300N/A47300N/A4130013720 & 1200/mo2930010910 & 800/mo
Phone 13 Pro MaxNew Line60500N/A53200N/A4720015060 & 1400/mo3520012240 & 1000/mo
Phone 13 Pro MaxNew Line72300N/A65100N/A5910020050 & 1700/mo4710014930 & 1400/mo
(512GB)Renewal723003013/mo651002713/mo591002463/mo471001963/mo .
Phone 13 Pro MaxNew Line84200N/A77009N/A7100022750 & 2100/mo5900019940 & 1700/mo
iPhone 12New Line30800N/A236007540 8 790/mo176006110 & 500/mo56003290 & 100/mo
iPhone 11New Line189007400 & 500/mo117004500 & 300/mo57003390 & 100/moFREEN/A

iPhone 13 Smart Signature Plan Requirements

  • Contact Information
  • Proof of Identity
  • Proof of Address
  • Proof of Income or Financial Capacity
  • Email Address

TIP: if you have an existing credit card there is a bigger chance you will get approved (platinum, titanium, and above)

You can apply via their website or you can visit the nearest Smart Center Store in your area.

iPhone 13 Smart Signature Plan Inclusions

Plan Lite S+ M+ L+ XL+
SRP Php 599 Php 999 Php 1,499 Php 1,999 Php 2,499
Data 5 GB 20 GB Unli 5G for 12 months 40 GB Unli 5G for 12 months 60 GB Unli 5G for 12 months Unli Data (4G/5G)
Calls Unli AllNet Calls
Unli Landline
Texts Unli AllNet Texts
Others Netflix Mobile Plan
Plan Contract 12 months


  • Data applies to mobile internet usage for all apps and sites
  • Unli 5G Data applies to the 5G network only while using a certified 5G Device & 5G-enabled SIM
  • Unli Data applies to 5G / LTE / 3G / 2G (For Plan XL+)
  • Unli AllNet Calls include calls to all mobile networks (e.g. Smart, Sun, TNT, Globe, TM, DITO, etc)
  • Unli Landline Calls include all landline numbers
  • Unli AllNet Texts include texts to all mobile networks (e.g. Smart, Sun, TNT, Globe, TM, DITO)
  • The Netflix Mobile Plan will be included for the duration of the plan, beginning on the day of Signature Plan availment.
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