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How to Add/Install Fonts to Windows PC

Tired of seeing the same fonts on your PowerPoint presentations or Word documents? Well, you can spice things up by adding and installing new fonts to your PC! It’s very simple and here’s how to do it.

Add/Install Fonts to Windows PC

Recognizing a Font File Format

We can’t install new fonts if we don’t know what to install, am I right? There are two existing font file formats: the good ol’ TrueType Font (abbreviated as TTF) and the more capable OpenType Font (abbreviated as OTF). According to CorelDRAW, these are both products of coordinated effort by Apple and Microsoft, although the main difference between them is that the OTF has more functions like having extra characters (e.g. ligatures, glyphs, alternate characters, etc.) aside the usual ones (numbers, letters, punctuation marks) which are useful for designers.

Apparently, OTF is a better font file format having more features for designers, yet TTF will be enough for non-designers alike since its additional features have usually no use for the average user.

Where to Download Fonts?

There are tons of sources to download fonts from, and usually these are offered free for personal use only like DaFonts, Behance and many more. There is also Google Fonts that offers some fonts free for both personal and commercial use. Make sure that you don’t run into suspicious websites though!

Download and Install Fonts

In this article, we’re gonna head over to Google Fonts to download fonts free for both personal and commercial use. You may click here or type onto your address bar. Browse through hundreds of fonts and find the font of your choice.

How To Install Font (2)
How To Install Font

Let’s download Montserrat for example. Just click on the ‘Download family’ and it should be downloading in a few seconds.

How To Install Font (3)
How To Add/Install Fonts To Windows Pc 29

Once the download is finished, you should see a zipped file with the same name of the font (or at least matches it).

Extract the zipped files and you should see the TTF files. Install both fonts to have both the regular and italic variations. Alternatively, you can double-click on the font to see it in full and click on install.

Now, the font you just installed should show up on your programs such as MS Word, or Adobe Photoshop. It’s that easy!

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