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When is the best time to buy an iPhone?

Iphone7Matteblack | When Is The Best Time To Buy An Iphone?

Chris sent us an email and asks:

I’m saving up for the next iPhone. When and where should I go looking for a good deal on these things?

I don’t plan to buy it the month it comes out and knowing where to buy it at a fairly good price might give me extra savings for a case or Apple Care. These things cost a pretty penny, as we all know.

Helpful site, as always!


Hi Chris!

There are several situations where you can get a better deal when getting a new iPhone.

The first one is a couple of weeks before the arrival of the latest iPhone, the previous generation units will have a price drop. This is the best time to get one if you’re not really after the latest model. So, sometime this October/November 2017, when the iPhone 7S (or iPhone 8 as others speculated) will be released, the iPhone 7 will have a slight price drop.

If you want to get the latest iPhone, wait for the telco postpaid plans. These are subsidized plans which offer discounted price or even free on the handset itself. Do note though that postpaid plans have a 24 to 30-month lock-in contract.

As for pricing, Apple has a pretty tight grip on pricing so it will be the same everywhere. Of course, a few online stores (like this one) will sell it at a slightly lower price. If you get it from big stores like Beyond the Box, they will offer you up to 24-months 0% interest so that’s easier on the pocket.

Likewise, if you have relatives in other countries, the iPhones there might be a little cheaper. Based on experience, Hong Kong has one of the cheapest rates for a brand new iPhone. Singapore is also one and you can also claim for a tax refund at the airport if you’re visiting as a tourist (just don’t forget to get a refund form at the store).

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