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How to transfer load from Sun to Smart?

It is known that Smart Communications Inc. owns Sun Cellular and people are wondering if it is possible to send prepaid loads or other promos from Sun to Smart. This is possible and we will be teaching the readers how to send loads from Sun to Smart.

How to transfer load from Sun to Smart?
How to transfer load from Sun to Smart?

Since Sun cellular is under Smart, Sun Postpaid or Prepaid subscribers can send loads or promos to Smart subscribers or fellow Sun cellular subscribers and there are two ways to this.

Using your “SIM Tool Kit” application

Step 1

Tap any “SIM Tool Kit” application on your phones/smartphones.

Step 2

Choose “Give-A-Load”

Step 3

Enter the recipient’s phone number

Step 4

Choose between “Send Regular Load” or “Send Unlimited/Special Load”

Step 5

If you choose “Send Regular Load”, Enter the load amount that you will give.

Step 6

If you choose “Send Unlimited/Special Load” then load the promo keyword that you will send to the recipient.

Step 7

Lastly, press “OK” and wait for confirmation of the transaction.

Manually texting

Text GIVE <space> <load amount> <recipient’s phone number> and send to 2292

To send promos, just text GIVE <promo keyword> <recipient’s phone number> and send to 2292.

And that’s it, you can now send loads or promos to any Sun or Smart subscriber. Take note that sending loads has a minimum of Php10 and a maximum of Php50 per transaction.

To know more about the promo keywords, visit Sun’s website here.

  1. Hindi po gumagana saakin

  2. Doesn’t Work you cannot send load or promos Sun to Smart or TNT to Smart

  3. It doesn’t work. It only applies and restricted to Sun subscribers.

  4. It didn’t work.

  5. wont fucking work “transaction was not processed”

  6. How about if it’s MB I will transfer?

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    Beille Lyra Danggalan April 3, 2020 at 9:50 am

    not working

  8. Cant work

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