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Globe Bill Protect

Globe Bill Protect | Globe Bill Protect

Marlon Jasper Badiola sent us a question about Globe’s new Bill Protect feature so we asked Globe representatives for more details about this.

The new Globe Bill Protect feature allows the subscriber to exceed their GoSurf plan and cap the additional charges to just Php1,500, regardless of the actual amount consumed.

This feature automatically kicks in each time a subscriber signs up for any of the GOSurf plans listed below:

Globe Gosurf | Globe Bill Protect

For example, is a subscriber signed up to GoSurf 99 with 100MB for 30 days at Php99. However, by the end of 30 days, if the subscriber consumed more than the allocated 100MB data the additional charges will be added to the bill. If the excess bill is more than Php1,500, the additional charge will be capped at just Php1,500.

The Customer Service Rep from Globe explained this well below:

Bill Protect Globe | Globe Bill Protect

  1. The post above is outdated. Globe now implements throttling.

    “Once you’ve used up your GoSURF data allocation and have also reached the Bill Protect limit of P1,500, you’ll still be able to surf. However, if your usage becomes excessively high, you may experience slower browsing speed (maximum of 128 kbps) since usage from hereon is already over and above the data allocation you paid for.

    If you’re on Globe Postpaid’s ThePLAN, you can easily add more data to your plan by subscribing to AddSURF for as low as P99 for 1GB. Check out AddSURF here.”

  2. They should implement that to new or recontracting subscribers not to existing subscribers i mean those that are with their contract

  3. Globe anti bill shock is not really that way. Only 50gb max data is allowed. Unlike sa smart no throttling diretso lang maski 2500 sya ok na kahit 600gb pa monthly consumed data ko.

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