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Breakdown of the Php275 billion budget under the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act

Breakdown Of The Php275 Billion Budget Under The  Bayanihan To Heal As One Act

Breakdown Of The Php275 Billion Budget Under The Bayanihan To Heal As One Act

This social amelioration program and financial assistance will include 18.5 million families.

This breakdown is based on the 1st report to the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee under the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act.

The total budget is Php275 billion and based on the 1st-week report, here are the allocations of spending. We will update as the succeeding weekly reports are published.

Note: The full Php275b budget has not been completely allocated or spent. Some items have open budgets as they are dependent on number of applicants so we tag them as open budget.

DOLECAMPPhp5,000 for displaced formal workers {link}Php42.3 million (for 8,641 remitted so far)
TUPADPhp500 (minimum wage) x 10 days @ 51,293 informal workersPhp256.5 million (allocated)
OWWARepatriation of OFWs under Hatid-Sundo Program* no amount *
Total allocation:Php95.43 billion
DSWDSocial Amelioration ProgramPhp5,000 - Php8,000Php92.5 - Php148 billion (estimated allocation)
Food & Non-Food Items (FNI)Distributed to 4,753 so farPhp22.3 million
Additional 69,200 packs to be distributed* no amount *
Face masks577,830* no amount *
Disaster Calamity FundsStandby funds, welfare goodsPhp941,450
Disaster Calamity FundsPending voucher for procurement of raw materialsPhp10.7 million
Family Tents15 units* no amount *
Rice repacking10,000 sando bags* no amount *
FNI to NCR LGU67,150 food packsPhp26 million
FNI to Region 310,538 packsPhp4.5 million
FNI to Region 6* no amount food packs *Php69.5 million
FO-Region 6AICSPhp4.5 million
Region 931,579 stockpile of food packsPhp11.4 million
Raw materialsPhp7.8 million
Non-food itemsPhp13.6 million
DOHPPE1 million sets of PPEsPhp1.8 billion
RITMGenAmplify COVID19 rRT-PCR Detection KitPhp42 million
RITMResearch on COVID-19 vaccines* no amount *
Public Health WorkersSpecial Risk Allowance + Hazzard Pay + Php500 Daily Allowance (as reported in the news)* no amount *
Public Health WorkersPhp100,000 for each health worker infected* open budget *
Public Health WorkersPhp1 million for each family upon death of health worker* open budget *
DOSTPPELocally produced 500,00 re-usable/washable face masks* no amount *
DILGBJMPDisinfection and remote monitoring operationPhp47 million
DTISmall Business CorporationEnterprise Rehabilitation Financing {link}Php1 billion
DoTTourist assistance Flights and hotel for stranded foreign tourists* no amount *
DoTrTransportationFor stranded passengers* no amount *

A few more items were added based on new reports and announcements by respective government agencies.

CAMPCOVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program
TUPADTulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced Workers
FNIFood & Non-Food Items
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment

* DSWD program to include Grab, Angkas, Banda, TNVS, Joyride, SNMO and TODA.

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