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Is There a Budget Android Phone with Wireless Charging? – AskYuga #36

Are there any budget android phones with wireless charging? –Jerome

While wireless charging offers the convenience of simply placing your phone down to a charging dock to power it up, this feature remains a rarity in budget smartphones.

The feature is most commonly found in upper mid-range and flagship smartphones for good reason.

Perhaps, it’s because of the added cost. Integrating wireless charging to smart devices needs extra hardware. And in most cases, licensing fees for the widely used Qi standard—which Apple also uses in its iPhones.

This adds a significant cost burden for manufacturers who are aiming for affordability. I mean, as a phone maker, you don’t wanna offer a budget phone with an expensive feature.

Currently, the cheapest phone with wireless charging is the Infinix NOTE 30 VIP 109. It offers 50W wireless charging, but it’s still at a higher price point with PHP 13,999 srp.

Infinix Note 30 Vip Black | Is There A Budget Android Phone With Wireless Charging? – Askyuga #36
Is There A Budget Android Phone With Wireless Charging? – Askyuga #36 6

As technology advances though, and costs eventually decline, we could see the wireless charging feature trickle down to budget phones in the near future.

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