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Which Vivo phone to get this Christmas

A reader asks: "What is the best Vivo smartphone to give as a gift?" There are quite a number of Vivo smartphones released in the Philippines this year so ...

How to use the Globe at Home app (Postpaid and Prepaid)

Globe released their new Globe Prepaid Home WiFi earlier this year. It was a product meant to provide consumers with a bit more flexibility on their internet ...

5 Reasons to switch to ePayment Channels

Technology improves and advances day by day and its trajectory is now leaning towards wireless systems. Everything from charging up to connecting your devices ...

Understanding your Monthly Internet Allowance

Like what we've discussed in our previous article here, data caps or internet allowances are here to stay and perhaps the only improvement we'll ever see would ...

Specs Comparison: iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus vs iPhone X

Alexis Demesa asks "Can u post an article comparing the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X?" Apple broke their usual cycle this year by announcing three ...

What are the best Laptops to buy at under Php 25k?

Paul Pintang asks, "Good morning. Sir, any laptop suggestions within 18k-25k price range. TIA for Minor games, photoshop, lightroom but mostly po for Microsoft ...

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  1. Sadly you won’t be able to find laptops with SSD’s at this price range, and finding one that is upgrade-able would also be a challenge.

  2. We only cited legal and authorized items currently available in the market, as we do not encourage buying from grey market sources due to certain risks (Ex. Store only warranty or even no warranty at all). While it’s true that these items are cheaper it will always be a hit and miss when it comes to reliability, not all buyers will have the same smooth experience as others, like you, did. With that said we won’t stop you but buy at your own risk.;)

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