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How to load AutoSweep RFID via GCash

If you plan on using the expressway, specifically any toll road operated by the San Miguel Corporation (SMC), or use AutoSweep, it’s best to load up before ...

How to connect your PS5 controller to PC via Bluetooth in 5 Easy Steps

Whether it’s for the new Call of Duty, Genshin Impact, or any other game, using a controller can sometimes be easier for us.  But chances are, you’re ...

How to Find Wi-Fi Password on Android Devices

Last time, we discussed how to find the Wi-Fi password on Apple devices for iOS and macOS. Thanks to the release of iOS 16, it’s now a lot easier to ...

How to find Wi-Fi password on Apple Devices

It’s hard to remember all the Wi-Fi passwords of the places you’ve visited before. Whether at a friend’s house, a relative’s place, or even a restaurant you ...

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