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Trim Videos using Windows Photos App

Want to quickly trim videos without the use of other heavy or complicated apps on your desktop? Well, the simple Photos app of Windows 10/11 through Window's ...

How to set Night Light in Windows 10 and 11

What we see during day time and what most of the displays are emitting is blue light. Blue lights make us stay awake and this could be difficult during the ...

Block and Report Spam messages on Xiaomi Smartphones

Spam messages don't need any more introduction because this is currently wreaking havoc in the Philippines. Even before the pandemic, we were already ...

Switch to Dark Mode for Windows 10 and 11

I personally use dark mode for my smartphone and laptop because it doesn't give me that much eye strain, especially in dark spaces and it consumes less ...

How to remove background from an image using Canva?

If you're looking for a light and easy tool to remove the background of an image, Canva is here to help. We know guys that Canva still has limitations ...

Which Ethernet Cable should I use?

An Ethernet Cable (sometimes named UTP Cable) or LAN (Local Area Network) Cable is basically a cable that is commonly used to connect a computer to a router ...

What are Display Resolutions

If you saw the Quality option on YouTube when you play a video and you’ll see 1080p HD, 1440p HD, and other options, you’ll already have some idea of what are ...

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