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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Globe Postpaid Plan in the Philippines: Features, Benefits, and Prices – AskYuga #1

One of our readers asked how the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Globe Postpaid Plan payment breakdown is settled.

Hi YugaTech, i have a question in regards to the Globe 1799/ 24 months plan for S23 Ultra. It says here on the Globe website when i tried filling up for a Plan with Device with S23 Ultra, i need to pay 2298/ month and 1 time device cost fee of 59,300. What does this mean? Is the 2298/ month fee the installment plan for the 59,300 cost of the device that i need to pay in 24 months? Or do i need to pay a flat 59,300 PHP for device and pay 2298/month for the postpaid plan like the unli texts and calls and data?

Globe’s GPlan with Device: The payment basics

Before answering the question, let’s review the basics of the payment breakdown for a certain postpaid + mobile installment plan.

Globe Postpaid GPlan with Device offers plans with varying monthly prices, ranging from as low as PHP 599 up to PHP 7,999. Each plan provides its own Postpaid benefits, such as the amount of data, calls, or texts allocated to the customer on a monthly basis.

One important factor to consider is the one-time payment device cost, also known as the cash-out price. The one-time device cost varies depending on which monthly GPlan offer a customer chooses.

For instance, the GPlan 599 has a cash-out payment of PHP 64,400, which is significantly more expensive than the GPlan 7999 with only PHP 11,900 as its cash-out payment.

Globe Postpaid GPlan 1799 with Device: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Now to answer our reader’s question, let’s take a closer look at Globe’s GPlan 1799 for the Galaxy S23. This 24-month installment comes with 13GB data and unli all-net calls/text.

Globe Gplan 1799 With Device Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Ci | Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Globe Postpaid Plan In The Philippines: Features, Benefits, And Prices - Askyuga #1
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Globe Postpaid Plan In The Philippines: Features, Benefits, And Prices - Askyuga #1 6

On Globe’s website, the GPlan 1799 with Device for Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra requires a cash-out payment of PHP 52,300. The customer must pay this amount in full before getting the device.

Afterwards, the customer will make monthly repayments of PHP 1,799 for 24 months.

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