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Best Phone for Gaming and Video Recording in the Philippines 2023 – AskYuga #2

One of our readers asked this question.

What is the best phone for a gamer and also a videographer?

Good Day po sa inyo!

Isa po akong college student trying to find an absolute phone that’s technically right for me. Mag Oon-The-Job Training na po kasi kami and my desired internship have a relation to filmography, that’s why I’m trying to find a camera that includes the video stabilization feature. May sd card slot sana kayo na maisusuggest (newer phones lack thes nowadays kasi)

The problem for this is I am also a gamer din kasi. Looking upon non-so-expensive phones may mga brand na superior sa gaming pero hindi sa camera (vise-versa). 8GB RAM is already a good sign but chip processors are really hard to spectate para sakin kasi I’ve never been this techy when it comes to phones.

Yung kaya ko lang ma maipapasok sa gasto ko po is Php16,000. It would be very much appreciated if maitutulong nyo po akong maghanap ng phone brands na present ang mga desires na sinabi ko. Thank you po!

Alright, now this is a tough question to answer. Technically he needs the Best Phone for a Videographer and a Gamer. But let’s break it down first.

Our reader is looking for a phone that can handle both gaming and video shooting, has expandable storage, a camera with OIS, and a price tag just under Php 16,000.

As a video guy myself, the first devices that come to mind are the iPhone, Samsung device, or even Sony Xperia, although the latter is very hard to find locally. These devices have some of the most optimized cameras for video recording, even when using their stock camera app. On the iPhone side, there are many videographer-specific apps, like Filmic Pro, which I personally use.

Image 14 | Best Phone For Gaming And Video Recording In The Philippines 2023 - Askyuga #2
Best Phone For Gaming And Video Recording In The Philippines 2023 - Askyuga #2 6

However, these options don’t fit the budget required. So, my second recommended option would be to buy a second-hand iPhone that can shoot in 4K and has at least 128GB of storage.

To be honest, 128GB is already substantial; you just need to offload your files after you are done shooting or have cloud storage as a backup.

In terms of gaming, the iPhone is well-known for offering an optimized mobile gaming experience.

However, some games might not be available compared to their Android counterpart. So, you can consider a second-hand Samsung Galaxy S21 or a Google Pixel device. Although most Pixel devices excel in photos rather than videos, at least you still have that option.

The most challenging part is finding a phone with OIS for under 16,000 pesos. I really can’t think of any device that meets that price range.

A quick fix for this is to use a smartphone gimbal. Technically, it’s a separate accessory, but nowadays, there are many affordable gimbals on the market that can improve your camera’s stability. and it does the job! plus you have better control.

However, the second-hand market doesn’t offer any guarantees on device longevity. So, if we look at the brand-new category, the great news is that most new smartphones now have decent cameras compared to 10 years ago when most had potato quality.

Although most of these devices are around PHP 17,000.

Again, these devices don’t have OIS but rather EIS, which can be remedied by purchasing a mobile gimbal.

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