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Overheating issues with Samsung Galaxy Note 5

We received this message from Jason Perez.

Hi Yugatech.

Me and my friend Darren are writing this to you for awareness about the issue that we have encountered on our Samsung Galaxy Note5.

A bunch of users started to experience the issue after the Marshmallow June update on the Note5. We experienced overheating mostly when 4G mobile is on. The overheating is not comfortable to hold. This came with battery drain with battery life of 2-4 hours only from full to zero charge. There is signal loss as well. Majority of units affected are from Globe plans but there are Smart and openline units as well.

Since June, some had their units repaired by Samsung Service Centers. They replaced the motherboard as a resolution. However, a few users reported that the issue came back after a month even with the new board.

This August, some users had their units replaced because there is no more motherboard stocks. By the end of August, Samsung has no more stocks to replace defective ones so they started to offer refunds.
Starting this September, I have read that they already have stocks of motherboard. However, some are not that confident anymore with replacement of motherboard because there were instances that the issue came back.

As for my friend Darren, his motherboard was replaced. As for me, my unit is for refund because there was no motherboard available at that time no stock for unit replacement too.

We have created a Facegroup for this since we saw that there many users affected with the issue (100+) and it is alarming to us.

I am not sure if this is the right channel to share this. We just want users to be aware.

Thank you.


Hi Jason,

We not encountered similar issues with the Galaxy Note5 we have on hand. However, we do noticed that the battery life has been drastically reduced after the Marshmallow update. Perhaps another firmware update might fix this.

You and your friend’s problems are entirely different and we’re curious if there are many others who have experienced this.

* We suggest asking for an extended warranty for your device considering the circumstances.

* Watch out for firmware updates that might help fixed this.

Thank for sending us this information that we can share with our readers so they’re also advised about the possible issues.

  1. Have had 2 mobo replacements already. It’s now back to Samsung for the same problems. This happened. From June, upto September. I have already demanded for a refund since my unit has had 2 major repairs of the same problem already. They have yet to approve it. Stay away from the Note 5 if you’re in the market for a NOS or a pre-owned one. Such a headache after paying around 40k for it.

  2. I am having all those issues since my update to my marshmallow but sprint says there is nothing they can do.

  3. I am also encountering this overheating issue but I haven’t sent my Note 5 to Samsung Service Center because I don’t have a temporary replacement yet. Since the MM update, whenever I get connected to 4G/4G+, my phone overheats after 5 mintues (it even force closes the apps with the error “your phone is overheating, only Phone and Messaging app can be opened” something like that). I heard this is a widespread issue for users who pre-ordered the handset like me. Also, when I force my Network to connect to 3G, whenever I call someone or I’m the one receiving calls, the other person could not hear me. I can’t connect also to Mobile Data (may it be 4G,3G,2G) without activating-deactivating the Airplane mode or restarting my phone. Hay, sobrang hassle!

  4. My unit is working just fine… no overheating issue but but the battery drains fast because I’m playing pokemon go

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