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Globe Prepaid eSIM: Has it arrived yet? – AskYuga #7

Globe Telecom previously announced that they would offer Globe Prepaid eSIM by Q3 2023. As October already begins, one of our readers naturally asked:

Hello there! May update naba regarding dun sa article mo about Globe Prepaid Esim?

Globe Prepaid eSIM update: No official release yet

As of the time of writing, Smart Communications is currently the only one among the three telco players that offers prepaid eSIM products to the consumer market.

In contrast, Globe previously announced in August their plan to introduce their own eSIM offerings for prepaid users in Q3 2023. However, despite Q4 already commencing, it seems that Globe has not been able to meet its scheduled release as there have been no official announcements made at present.

The telco company did publish a press release dated September 19, 2023, which stated that buying an eSIM “will be a breeze” using its GlobeOne app.

They specifically mentioned the following bullets:

  • Users can easily download the FREE app
  • Set up a GlobeOne account
  • Request for a new eSIM

But upon checking the app, I wasn’t able to find any buttons or links directing a user to purchase a prepaid eSIM. Nor did I have any luck finding it under the ‘Life Essentials’ tab when I searched for the term “eSIM” itself.

With that, stay tuned for further updates and let’s hope that the wait for Globe Prepaid eSIM won’t be much longer.

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