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96 Android Apps and Games at Discounted Prices – Download Now!

Games and Apps featured in this post have not been fully tested but are all directly can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (No 3rd Party Apps or websites).
If you think the app is malicious kindly comment it down below or email us.

This week we’ve got a total of 96 android apps and games on sale right now, and the deals are too good to pass up.

The cream of the crop is the Three Kingdoms: Last Warlord, normally retailing for $12.99 but currently available for a measly $0.49. That’s 96% off.

Three Kingdoms: The Last Warlord is a turn-based strategy game set in the period of the Three Kingdoms, developed by Chengdu Longyou Studio. It offers a detailed depiction of different cities and the abilities of military officers and features an engaging battle system in which weather, landforms, and other factors can affect the outcome.

But before you click that “buy” button, there’s something you need to know. Prices may vary depending on your location. So, if you’re in the Philippines, for example, the prices will be in Philippine pesos and may be even cheaper than what you see. So make sure to double check before you buy.

Also, if the app or game is no longer on sale, that means the promotional period has expired and the sale is over. So don’t sleep on this opportunity to snag some of your favorite apps and games at a fraction of the cost.

With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to decide what to buy. But that’s why we recommend taking some time to browse through the selection and find the ones that best suit your interests. And once you’ve made your purchase, let us know in the comments below if you found another good deal.

Download Android Games and Apps on Sale

Math Studio$1.99$0.99
Deep Space: First Contact™$1.99$0.49
Play Edition$0.49$0.49
Light Sensation Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Dark Sensation Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Number to word converter offli$0.99$0.49
Three Kingdoms Last Warlord$12.99$0.49
Golden Clock 2$0.99$1.99
Awf Active Analog: Watch face$1.49$0.49
LineDock 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.79
Olympia Tosca – icon pack$1.49$0.49
Hexaring – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Awf Fit Dashboard: Watch face$1.49$0.49
LineBula 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.79
Awf Fit Dash [A] – watch face$1.79$0.49
Awf Widgets: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Awf Dynamic PRO: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Awf n-Digital: Watch face$0.99$0.49
Hexadark – Hexa Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
3D Shield – Icon Pack$1.99$0.79
Cuticon Hexa – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Linios Tosca – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Heal: Pocket Edition$5.49$1.49
DISTRAINT 2$7.49$1.49
DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition$4.49$0.99
Lines Tosca – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Iris Dark Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Iris Light Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Delivery From the Pain Offline$4.99$2.99
Animated Photo Widget +$2.00$0.99
RPG Alvastia Chronicles$7.99$1.99
MiUi 14 Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
[Premium] Sephirothic Stories$7.99$1.99
Moxy Icon Pack$7.49$0.99
Lenyo Icons$4.49$0.99
Ango Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Unusual Wallpapers$1.99$0.49
MiUi 14 White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Corvy Icons$1.49$0.99
Gladient Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Aivy Icon Pack$2.00$0.99
Bladient Icon Pack$7.99$0.99
FSW203 WATCHFACE$1.49$0.49
Rogue Hearts$3.99$0.49
Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack$2.99$0.99
Horror Mystery – Escape Room &$8.49$3.99
Empire Warrior: Tower Defense$6.99$1.99
Moxy Icon Pack$8.99$1.99
Lenyo Icons$3.49$0.99
Ango Icon Pack$8.99$1.99
MiUi 14 White – Icon Pack$2.99$1.99
Corvy Icons$6.99$3.99
Mental Hospital: Eastern Bloc$2.99$0.99
Gladient Icon Pack$1.29$0.49
Aivy Icon Pack$5.99$3.99
Bladient Icon Pack$2.99$0.99
FSW203 WATCHFACE$3.99$0.99
Phone Booster Pro – Force Stop$1.99$0.49
Mental Hospital:Eastern Bloc 2$0.99$0.49
Motorsport Manager Mobile 3$7.49$1.99
Rebel Cops$7.99$3.99
Endurance: dead space Premium$1.99$0.49
Inspire – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Gems Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Earth 3D – World Atlas$2.99$0.49
Owline Icon pack$0.99$0.49
NoteLynX Pro Outliner Mindmap$2.49$1.49
cress pro$2.49$0.49
Pop the Tiles$2.99$0.49
Velvet Black – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Photo Editor Pro$2.99$0.49
Velvet White – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
View It Go – Gallery for Wear$2.49$0.99
Purple You – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Advanced Root Checker Pro$0.99$0.49
My Device Pro$0.99$0.49
Arcade Daze XP Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Awf TACT [x]: Watch face$1.79$0.49
Oxygen 13 Dark – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Oxygen 13 White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Hexasmash 2 – Physics Puzzle$1.99$0.49
The Almost Gone$3.99$0.80
Buff Knight: Offline Idle RPG$1.49$0.99
Evoland 2$4.99$0.99
Robo VPN Pro – Life time$0.99$0.49
Awf Classic: Watch face$1.79$0.49
iOS 16 Dark – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Dark Mist$4.99$0.99
Blood Card$3.99$0.99
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