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53 Free Android Games and Apps to Download Today!

Games and Apps featured in this post have not been fully tested but are all directly can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (No 3rd Party Apps or websites).
If you think the app is malicious kindly comment it down below or email us.

Unlock 50+ free Android games and apps with this latest list! One of the highlights of our list this week is VoocVPN Pro – Fastest & Secure , normally priced at $10.00 but now available at no cost.

VoocVPN Pro – Premium is a VPN app that provides secure online protection and unrestricted internet access. With its premium features, you can stream popular content like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and more without any worries of tracking.

List below includes productivity tools,casual game, and social apps. With over 50+ options to choose from, you can add this to your device without spending a penny.

Please note that prices may vary by region. and if the link is no longer free when you visit, this means the promotion already expired. But don’t worry, every week we provide list of apps and games that will be available for FREE! . Also, while you are here check out our Android Apps and Games that are on sale as well!

Download Today Free Android Games and Apps

VoocVPN Pro – Fastest & Secure$10.00FREE
Smart Loan Calculator V2$8.49FREE
Sleep Faster, Meditation V2$8.49FREE
Learn Korean Words Quizlet V2$8.49FREE
VPN PRO Pay once for lifetime$7.49FREE
Unit Converter (Pega Pro)$7.49FREE
Merge City Premium -Home decor$4.99FREE
LiquidPlayer Pro 3D visualizer$3.99FREE
Lecture Notes$2.99FREE
The Lonely Hacker$2.49FREE
QR/Barcode Scanner PRO$2.49FREE
Pixel Blade M VIP$1.99FREE
Dungeon Corp. P (Idle RPG)$1.99FREE
EVP Phone Spirit Box$1.99FREE
Grow Zombie VIP- Merge Zombies$1.99FREE
Hero Z$1.99FREE
Awf Fit 3: Watch face$1.79FREE
Guess & Find PRO$1.49FREE
Over The Bridge PRO$1.49FREE
Colonies PRO$1.49FREE
Black Army Sapphire Icon Pack$1.49FREE
Alpha Dark digital watch face$1.49FREE
Lineblack – Pink icon Pack$1.49FREE
Red Yellow – Icon Pack$1.49FREE
Antonyms PRO$1.49FREE
Brain Game – Find5x 4P$1.49FREE
Ramka – Icon pack$1.49FREE
G’Luck! – 2D platformer game$0.99FREE
iLinear – Draw Your Path$0.99FREE
Live or Die: Survival Pro$0.99FREE
Theme Park Simulator$0.99FREE
3D Dollar Sign Live Wallpaper$0.99FREE
Zombie Age 3 Premium: Survival$0.99FREE
Infinity Highway$0.99FREE
Battery Widget$0.99FREE
Monster Killer Pro – Shooter$0.99FREE
Secret Tower VIP (IDLE RPG)$0.99FREE
Digital Basic 10$0.99FREE
Digital Basic 4B$0.99FREE
Final Castle Defence:Idle RPG$0.99FREE
Word Resume Creator Pro$0.99FREE
Number to word converter offli$0.99FREE
Ringtone Scheduler – Ringtone$0.99FREE
Math PRO: Multiply & Division$0.99FREE
Awf Athlete 1: Watch face$0.99FREE
Awf Material 3: Watch face$0.99FREE
Mental Hospital II$0.49FREE
Survive: The Lost Lands$0.49FREE
150X Duplicate Remover Pro$0.49FREE
Digital Basic 5B$0.49FREE
Digital Basic 4$0.49FREE
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