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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra display issue: green/pink lines after OS update – AskYuga #33

One of our readers asked…

Hi Yuga. Do you have any articles about Samsung’s software update that is causing green/pink lines on the lcd. My Samsung note 20 ultra encountered that issue and Samsung is refusing to repair it for free. I was given a quote of 18k for the repair which is too much. What should I do? help! Thanks – Jun Frigillana

Upon checking, many other users also experienced the same issue. The thing is, Samsung apparently didn’t acknowledge this as a known issue, or hardware/ software defect on their end.

One Galaxy Note 20 Ultra user from India was kinda lucky though. @CoconutShawarma on X confirmed that Samsung India replaced the screen and the battery for free, despite the phone being already out of warranty.

He also said that if the phone doesn’t have any scratches or dents, Samsung is supposed to repair it for free. However, this isn’t the case for others.

Despite many users’ woes on several Samsung Community threads, PH locals said that they are denied of free repair and instead was quoted repair costs up to a staggering PHP 20K.

As of writing, the latest update on this issue is users accepting their fate. A Community thread posted on December 4, 2023 asked how much the repair for green line display issue on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra—which starts at PHP 16K up to PHP 25K.

One user mentioned that the service centers are ‘subcontractors’ of Samsung, suggesting that they might have their own policy in place—hence the difference in repair quotations. This could be the same situation in other regions, but do take these speculations with a grain of salt.

The next thing to do now, especially if your phone is spotless, you may ask again the service center and mention that it is a widely known issue among users. You may also cite the precedent set by Samsung India, where they agreed to a free repair despite the phone being out of warranty.

Hopefully, they can accommodate or at least give you a discount for repair.

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