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Are Korean variant Samsung 5G phones compatible with PH network bands? – AskYuga #34

One of our readers asked…

Tanong ko lang po kung Korean variant na Samsung phone 5G compatible ba sa 5G frequency natin? Salamat sa sagot. –Kilat

The short answer is no. Most variants of 5G phones, not just in Korea but globally, use varying 5G network bands.

This is one of the reasons why phone manufacturers set specific versions of their devices intended for each region.

Here’s some comparison:

Korean 5G bands:

  • n257 mmWave (28 GHz)
  • n7 (2600 MHz)
  • n78 (3500 MHz)

Philippines 5G bands:

  • n28a (700 MHz)
  • n41 (2500 MHz)
  • n78 (3500 MHz)

While some Korean variants can technically support some of the Philippine 5G bands, such as n78 (3500MHz), they usually lack support for other primary bands like the n28a (700MHz). This band is crucial for better indoor penetration and wider coverage.

Perhaps, it’s best to avoid Korean phone variants altogether, if you intend to use one mainly in the Philippines.

While some offers for Korean variants are enticing since they typically have lower prices, it’s better to choose the ones that are designed for the Philippine market.

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