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Smartwatch or GShock, which is better?

Smartwatch or GShock, which is better? — Nuelan Ian Atienza

Only get a smartwatch if you have a good smartphone, as one is dependent on the other. The smartwatch offers a lot of connectivity features over a GShock. Aside from the typical pedometer, distance counter, calorie counter, others like the Samsung Gear S3 also have heart rate sensor and built-in GPS. Since it is connected to your smartwatch, you also get notifications for calls and SMS as well as email and social media accounts.

Razer Nabu Watch 2 | Smartwatch Or Gshock, Which Is Better?

The biggest drawback of smartwatches is the battery life. It only lasts about 1 or 2 days, max. Samsung claims the upcomign Gear S3 can last 3 or 4 days but that remains to be seen.

On the other hand, you have a variety of designs and form factors to choose from if you’re going for the GShock. That’s one of its biggest advantages if you are very picky with design. ANother would be battery life. GShock watches can last for a year without the need for a re-charge or a battery replacement. They’re also cheaper than a smartwatch, on average.

In a way, the two have different features that you can consider when choosing between the two.

One suggestion we have right now is the razer Nabu Watch. You can check our video unboxing here:

The Nabu Watch is a cross between a connected watch and a digital watch. In fact it has two sets of display, one for the standard digital watch display with 12 months battery life and another OLED display for connectivity to your smartphone which has about 5 days worht of battery. It’s also cheaper compared to other smartwatches at around Php7k.

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