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Score Big Savings: 180+ Android Apps and Games on Sale

Games and Apps featured in this post have not been fully tested but are all directly can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (No 3rd Party Apps or websites).
If you think the app is malicious kindly comment it down below or email us.

For this week we’ve got a total of 184 android apps and games on sale.

Topping up this week’s most priciest game is the Tempest: Pirate RPG Premium, Developed by HeroCraft.

Tempest: Pirate RPG Premium is a mobile adventure RPG game where players become a daring pirate, sail the seas on a battleship, trade, and assemble a crew from cutthroats to defeat other pirates and sea monsters.
The game features an open world, a fascinating story with over 100 quests, the ability to play with friends, nautical wonders such as buying, upgrading, and decorating ships, and piracy with a bit of trade.
Players can also use mystic crystals, summon sea monsters, and upgrade their pirate crew.
Developed by HeroCraft.

Before purchasing any of the app or mobile game, make sure to check the price as it may vary depending on your location. For example, you may find a better deal in the Philippines if you pay in pesos but sometimes it may also be a higher price.

However, act quickly as promotions may end if the app or game is no longer on sale. From the list of 180+ options, take your time to find the best fit for your gaming style or productivity needs. After making your purchase, feel free to share any other great deals you find in the comments.

Download Android Games and Apps on Sale

NamePrice BeforePrice Now
Analog Basic 11 Black Colored$0.99$0.49
3D EARTH PRO – local forecast$9.49$1.99
Learn JavaScript – JSDev [PRO]$1.49$0.99
FusiOn for KWGT$1.49$0.49
Learn Python Programming [PRO]$1.49$0.99
Finesta KWGT$0.99$0.49
Learn Networking CCNA Fast PRO$1.49$0.99
PopIt KWGT$0.99$0.49
Android 13 Widget Pack – KWGT$0.99$0.49
AngularDev PRO: Learn Angular$1.49$0.99
Vera Icon Pack: shapeless icon$2.99$0.99
Vera Outline Icon Pack$2.99$0.99
Chester hybrid style watchface$2.49$0.49
God Simulator. Religion Inc.$2.49$0.99
Simple Quote Widget – Quote of$0.99$0.49
Pro – English 1500 Conversatio$2.49$1.99
Strong Premium Watch Face$0.99$0.49
Neon Valley [AMOLED]$0.49$0.99
Brain App: Ult. Brain Training$9.49$0.49
Lineblack – Red icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Golden Hour+$3.99$0.49
Blackdiant Tosca – icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Grow Heroes VIP$1.99$0.49
Light Red – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Linios Red – Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Pixel Ring Drop – Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Garis Dark – Lines Icon Pack$1.99$0.99
Stone Of Souls HD$0.99$0.49
Flat Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Khromatic – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Indoor Plant Guide Pocket Ed.$2.99$1.99
Crystal Guide® Pocket Edition$2.99$1.99
Tropical Fish Guide Pocket Ed.$2.99$1.99
Dark Tosca – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Despotism 3k$3.49$1.99
Gun Tactics$1.99$0.99
Waves Wallpapers$0.99$0.49
Railways – Train Simulator$1.99$0.99
Package Inc – Cargo Simulator$1.99$0.99
Traffix: Traffic Simulator$1.99$0.99
MONOPOLY – Classic Board Game$4.99$2.49
Black Red – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Transparent Red – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Alien Shooter – Last Hope$4.99$0.99
SRPG Legna Tactica$7.99$0.99
SRPG Legend of Ixtona$8.99$1.99
Hatsune Miku Logic Paint$1.99$0.99
[Premium] RPG Asdivine Menace$7.99$1.99
[Premium] RPG Asdivine Dios$7.99$1.99
[Premium] RPG Ghost Sync$7.99$3.99
WiFi Mouse Pro$4.99$1.99
Alien Shooter 2 – Reloaded$4.99$0.99
Alien Shooter$4.99$0.99
S&T: Medieval Wars Premium$2.99$1.49
Strategy & Tactics:USSR vs USA$1.99$0.99
Montezuma 2: Premium$4.99$2.49
Android 13 White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom$4.99$2.49
The Enchanted Kingdom Premium$4.99$2.49
Ant Raid$4.99$2.49
Plancon: Space Conflict$4.99$2.49
Android 13 Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Majesty-The Northern Expansion$4.99$2.49
Scientific Calculator Scalar$2.49$0.49
FootLOL: Crazy Soccer Premium$4.99$2.49
Android 13 Dark – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
MiniChess by Kasparov$4.99$2.49
RPG Asdivine Hearts$7.99$1.99
QB Planets$2.99$0.99
Ice Rage Premium$4.99$2.49
Farm Frenzy Premium$4.99$2.49
One4KWGT Reloaded: KWGT widget$2.49$0.99
Front Armies [RTS]$2.99$1.49
RPG Asdivine Kamura$8.99$1.99
Bubbles Live Wallpaper$4.99$0.49
Lines Live Wallpaper$4.99$0.99
Game of Life Live Wallpaper$4.99$0.99
Elements Live Wallpaper$4.99$0.99
Knots Live Wallpaper$4.99$0.99
The Tiny Bang Story: Premium$4.99$2.49
King of Dragon Pass: Text RPG$9.99$4.49
Golf Peaks$2.99$1.49
Worms 4$5.49$0.99
The Escapists: Prison Escape$6.49$0.99
Worms 3$5.49$0.99
The Escapists 2: Pocket Breako$6.99$0.99
Worms 2: Armageddon$5.49$0.99
Tempest: Pirate RPG Premium$13.99$6.99
Crayon Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Wallpapers pro$1.99$0.49
FRAMED 2$4.99$2.99
Whispering Willows$4.99$1.99
Star Vikings Forever$4.99$1.99
The Bug Butcher$1.99$0.99
Summer Catchers$3.99$2.49
Invert – Tile Flipping Puzzles$2.99$1.49
BREITLING Automatic unofficial$0.99$0.49
Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery$2.99$0.99
Atom Blue IconPack$0.99$0.49
Atom Yellow IconPack$0.99$0.49
Gradient 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.99
Atom Pink IconPack$0.99$0.49
Behind the Frame$5.99$3.99
CrossWords 10 Pro$1.79$0.99
Riven: The Sequel to Myst$3.99$2.49
Cuticon Drop – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Universe Astronomy For Kids$5.99$0.99
Bird Mail Pro -Email App$4.49$2.49
Wayward Souls$6.99$3.99
Pumped BMX 2$1.99$0.99
Pumped BMX 3$3.99$1.99
Chameleon Run$1.99$0.99
Death Road to Canada$9.99$5.99
Getting Over It$4.99$3.49
Absolute Drift$2.99$1.99
Lumino City$4.99$2.99
Trail Boss BMX$3.99$2.49
Suzy Cube$3.99$2.49
NTV553 – N-Digital Classic B$1.49$0.49
Darko – Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Red You – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Smart Notify Unlocker$3.49$2.40
The Last Roman Village$1.49$0.99
Adaptive Pink – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
HTTP Redirection Trace$4.49$1.99
MJ255 Digital Watch Face$0.49$0.25
Carbon VPN Pro Premium$0.99$0.49
Trojan War Premium$0.99$0.49
TruePicks Prime AI Wallpapers$1.99$0.49
Defenchick: tower defense$1.99$0.49
Pupil Distance PD Glasses & VR$6.49$3.49
One Punch – LIMITED EDITION$1.99$0.99
KReader PRO$3.99$1.49
Quick Reminders$0.99$0.49
Shortcutter Premium Key$1.99$0.99
Volume Panel Pro$1.49$0.99
Matrix Code – Live Wallpaper$4.99$1.49
Timus Circle: Dark Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Timus: Rounded Dark Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
WFP 307 modern watch face$0.49$0.30
Millimeter Pro – screen ruler$2.99$0.99
Awf Outback: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Adaptive Orange – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Awf SPORT xDark: Watch face$1.29$0.49
Awf Pixel: Wear OS watch face$1.49$0.49
alfacast x screen mirror$4.99$0.49
Awf RUN PRO: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Breaking Gates$2.99$0.99
Lovecraft’s Untold Stories$4.99$1.49
Cook, Serve, Delicious!$3.99$1.99
MIUl 12 – Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
SH009 Watch Face, WearOS watch$1.99$0.49
Camo Light Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Camo Dark Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Adaptive Green – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Adaptive Red – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Portrait Sketch HD$7.99$3.99
Pencil Sketch HD$7.99$3.99
Sketch Master HD$7.99$3.99
Water Reflection Pro$2.99$1.49
Choice of Life: Middle Ages$1.99$0.49
Awf Frontier 2: Watch face$1.79$0.49
Awf Lean Digital: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Adaptive White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Awf Fit OLED: Watch face$1.49$0.49
Adaptive Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Awf Health Face 2: Wear OS$1.49$0.49
Awf Modern Minimal: Watch face$1.29$0.49
Awf Big Digital: Wear OS face$0.99$0.49
Awf TACT ONE: Watch face$1.99$0.49
Awf OS 3 Digital: Watch face$0.99$0.49
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