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141 Android Games and Apps on Sale – Download Now!

Games and Apps featured in this post have not been fully tested but are all directly can be downloaded in the Google Play Store (No 3rd Party Apps or websites).
If you think the app is malicious kindly comment it down below or email us.

We have a huge list of Android Games and Apps on Sale this week! With an App that cost $64.99 (Dental Designer Pro) now down to only $0.99.

Do take note that the price may vary depending on your location. For example, if you are based in the Philippines the price will be in Philippine ₱ pesos and might be cheaper than what you see below.

Also, if the app or games is no longer on sale this means the promotional period has already expired and the sale period is already finished. So what are you waiting for? Check out the games and app that will suit your interest and let us know in the comment below if you found another good deal.

Download Android Games and Apps on Sale

Connect: cute monsters & food$19.99$0.99
Snipback – Lifehacker smart vo$17.99$2.99
Dgt BigMod Informer Watchface$11.99$0.99
Lines Yellow – Icon Pack$4.49$1.49
Not Exactly A Hero: Story Game$6.49$2.99
WalliPop Wallpapers$0.99$2.99
Mega Mall Story 2$5.99$2.99
Silver Screen Story$5.99$2.99
7Days: Offline Mystery Story$4.49$2.99
Boxing Gym Story$5.99$2.99
Delight Games Premium Library$39.99$2.99
FTP Server$1.99$2.99
Wall of insanity$5.00$2.49
Underworld Office$6.49$2.49
Basketball Club Story$5.99$2.49
112 Operator$7.99$2.49
Hot Springs Story 2$5.99$1.99
A Story of A Company$6.49$1.99
Romantic HOLIC: Otome game$6.49$1.99
Heart Rate Complication$1.49$1.99
MD311 Analog watch face$1.49$1.99
Awf Dash Analog – watch face$2.49$1.79
Defense Zone 2 HD$2.99$1.49
Doom & Destiny Advanced$4.99$1.49
Doom & Destiny Worlds$4.99$1.49
Defense Zone 3 Ultra HD$2.99$1.49
Clear Circle White Icon Pack$1.49$1.49
Photo Exif Editor Pro – Metada$2.49$1.49
SSH Server$1.99$1.49
HD Video Player Pro$2.99$1.49
Grow Spaceship VIP$1.99$1.49
Awf Fit OLED – watch face$1.99$1.49
BE-A Walker$4.99$1.49
Counter Terrorist Agency$4.99$1.49
Radio Commander$6.49$1.49
Transport INC – Tycoon Manager$6.49$1.49
911 Operator$6.49$1.49
Learn Web Development 2022$1.99$1.00
Chester Dark MOD watch face$0.99$1.00
Nextcloud Notes$3.49$0.99
Chicken Tournament$2.00$0.99
Plurals Test & Practice PRO$1.49$0.99
Pastello: Pastel Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Solitaire Halloween Story$2.99$0.99
Aline Green: linear icon pack$1.99$0.99
Cyberlords – Arcology$1.99$0.99
Word Search Fun PRO$1.49$0.99
X Launcher Pro$1.99$0.99
Constellations TV Wallpaper$1.49$0.99
BUMGINEER Clicker RPG$0.99$0.99
Rounded Icon Pack$1.49$0.99
Learn Forex Trading Tutorials$1.99$0.99
Pupil Distance PD Meter Pro$2.99$0.99
T.D.Z. 3 Premium$0.99$0.99
Brain Game – Find5x$1.49$0.99
Purple You Dark – Icon Pack$0.99$0.99
SH033 Watch Face, WearOS watch$1.99$0.99
Plexus Space 3D Live Wallpaper$2.49$0.99
Red Minimal – Icon Pack$0.99$0.99
Daily Wallpapers Pro – Auto Ch$1.99$0.99
ReactionLab 2 – Sandbox$2.77$0.99
Galaxy Trader$2.99$0.99
Cubic Dark Mode – 3D Icon pack$1.99$0.79
Linios Purple – Icon Pack$1.49$0.79
Merge Cafe Premium -Home Decor$4.99$0.79
Diver Style Classic 3$0.99$0.49
Diver Style 4 For Wear OS 3$0.99$0.49
RUSTY : Island Survival Pro$0.99$0.49
Analog Classic 7$0.99$0.49
Analog Basic 4$0.99$0.49
MD307 Digital watch face$1.49$0.49
Aline Purple: linear icon pack$1.99$0.49
Dock 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Olympia Purple – icon pack$1.49$0.49
Pixel Net – Neon Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Flat 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Dock Hexa 3D- Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
H310 Watch Face – YOSASH$0.49$0.49
Dock Circle 3D – Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Light Purple – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Home Workouts No Equipment Pro$1.49$0.49
Lineblack – Purple icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Wamo – Icon Pack$0.49$0.49
Theme Solitaire Tripeaks Tri T$2.99$0.49
Slaughter 2: Prison Assault$5.00$0.49
Galaxy Genome [Space Sim]$2.99$0.49
Murders on Budapest$6.49$0.49
Weather Day Night watch face$1.99$0.49
Awf Clean Digital – watch face$0.99$0.49
Awf SPORT [xR] – watch face$1.99$0.49
Summoners Era: Idle Strategy$0.99$0.49
Awf Pace PRO: Watch face$1.29$0.49
Kingdom War TD Premium Offline$0.99$0.49
Dark Rage$1.99$0.49
Pastello You: Pastel Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
All TV Screen Mirroring Pro$11.99$0.49
FSW201 WATCHFACE$0.99$0.49
Aline Blue: linear icon pack$1.99$0.49
Access Code Zero$3.99$0.49
HEXASMASH • Wrecking Ball Phys$3.99$0.49
Titan Quest: Legendary Edition$19.99$0.49
Dungeon Princess 2 : RPG$0.99$0.49
Clear – Circle Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Dental Designer Pro$64.99$0.49
Abs workout PRO$8.00$0.49
Cuticon Round – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Linios Yellow – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Trivia Master – Quiz Games$4.49$0.49
Hexagon White – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Lineblack – Yellow icon Pack$1.49$0.49
OTO – Icon Pack$1.99$0.49
Light Yellow – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Hexagon Dark – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Blaze Dark Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
WIN Nuclear PRO Watch face$0.99$0.49
ColorMeter camera color picker$1.99$0.49
Awf Gradient – Wear OS 3 face$1.49$0.49
Sunset Gradient – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Teardrop Dark – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Teardrop White – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
iOS 16 White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Transparent Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Teardrop Black – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
JETZ – Definitive Edition$1.49$0.49
Shadow Knight: Ninja Fighting$0.99$0.49
Diamond Butterfly$1.15$0.49
Square Dark – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
One UI 5 White – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
One UI 5 Dark – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
One UI 5 Black – Icon Pack$1.49$0.49
Square White – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Square Black – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Heroes Infinity Premium$0.99$0.49
Squid ball challenge$0.49$0.49
Red You Dark – Icon Pack$0.99$0.49
Material You Watch Face$0.99$0.49
Boss Rush: Mythology Mobile$2.99$0.49
Synonyms PRO$1.49$0.24
GoldOx – The Golden Icon Pack$1.49$0.15
Fall of Reich – WW2 Allied Sie$0.99$0.09
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