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How much is the renewal of driver’s license in the Philippines 2022?

As of May 2022, you only need to pay Php589 for both pro and non-pro driver’s license renewal.

The steps to renew your driver’s license is also very easy. Some people have reported they’ve been able to renew their driver’s license in just under 20 minutes and even getting the 10-year validity of their license.

  1. First of all this is not true,youmhave to pay for a physical to renew so you did not include that in your fee,also if you get the 10 yr one it is 2,200 ph total,and you are required to get two more physicals to keep the 10 ur active so that more cos,4 yrs later and another after that,so this is not a true.PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW THIS BEFORE FOING THINKING ITS CHEAP,IT IS NOT CHAP,WE JUST DID IT.

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